1.  Do – Keep your credit card balances under 30% of the credit line or pay them off. Lenders don’t like to see that you’re maxed out on your credit cards or approaching the limit.



2.  Don’t  – Go looking at homes before your know what you qualify for.  Its heartbreaking to fall in love with a home only then to find out that you qualify for less than what you had your hopes set on.



3.  Do – Research the neighborhood – Look at the house, but also look at the neighborhood. Location is the most important thing, so it’s critical to look at more than bricks and mortar.



4.  Do – Look at several houses before you buy.  Buying the first house you see is like marrying a person after the first date. See what’s out there and compare notes from each house before your make your final decision. You could overpay or miss out on a great deal!



5.  Don’t – Purchase a home just because of the décor. Does the property also have the features and amenities that you want? You want to look past the decor and notice the important essentials that are permanent features of the home.



6.   Do – Invest in a professional Home Inspection – This will be a life saver down the road. Sellers don’t always tell the truth about work that was done or they do patch work that will get them to settlement.  A Home Inspector will identify/recommend things that must be completed prior to settlement.



7. DO SEEK THE HELP OF A PROFESSIONAL REALTOR. Contact Mims Realty Group today for all of your real estate needs.